"Let’s go Sasuke, Sakura-chan!"

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (2014,TBA)

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i salute you for all the women out there.

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Naruto chap 686

Rin! <3

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I love this page!! Really!!
The fact that Sakura and Sasuke are on the same horse doesn’t mean that SasuSaku is canon xD
I can’t understand this way of thinking!
It’s a simple image!!
Yeah, SasuSaku fans are happy for this page and for the panel in the previous chap, but it doesn’t mean that it is certainly canon!!
Like a NaruSaku panel doesn’t mean it is canon.
We can be happy to see our OTP together, but we can’t say this is canon!
Naruto manga is unpredictable!! The most important things are the interactions between characters!
When they spend time together, when they talk a lot, when they are close!
Images like this cover don’t mean anything! But are only beautiful to see!
Anyway, I respect all OTP but I don’t respect the bullshit! So please, if there is a panel or a image of your OTP, don’t insult others OTP!
Naruto is going to end, so try to get along!

A new movie!!! *_*

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(If someone know who had colour this image, please tell me his name and I’ll credit it!)
Posted by a NaruSaku fan, because I LOVE THIS SCENE!!

Naruto - 685

Dahahahahahahahaah xD