Sakura or Hinata?

Kushina! But in this movie we have an older Naruto. Kushina is died,no? So…I don’t know xD But that girl in the sketch seems like to be Kushina!

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It’s like a dream; the Senju and Uchiha formed a brotherhood to prevent further casualties, and Konoha was born. The Land of Fire requested that the village had a leader to represent it. Hashirama asked Madara to be that person, but the democratic system wouldn’t allow it, and the former became hokage. Realizing he’s an outcast, Uchiha left, but returned to destroy Konoha. Senju wasn’t letting that happen, so they fought to the very end. To be continued

Future Sakura, by Reza Kabir.


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An old NaruSaku doodle I somewhat rehashed. (。・Д・) It was inspired by ch. 484, or somethin’ like that. Needed an excuse to update my tumblr despite not having anything new to share today. I really want to get into the habit of updating this and drawing more frequently, busy schedule or not. (・v・○)

Ti voglio bene <3


When your father approves your girlfriend!



please bear with me i have literally not drawn a single thing in 2 entire months…it’s a miracle i’ve brought myself to plug in my dusty tablet during this artblock from hell

anyway so here is older!naruto kun based on kishimoto’s designs for the new film and i just want to ruffle his cute boyish hair…welcome to adulthood naruto, i hope you like doing taxes and being in crippling debt, be free my son

Holy shit. This is some of the best Naruto fanart I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning, so, so gorgeous. In love with the rough brushstrokes, the direction of his hair, his mouth (oh god, his mouth) and those damn eyes. Even the slant of those eyebrows are perfect!

I can make out the definition of his cheekbones holy crap, this is gorgeous.